Radius Kink are

Gary Hendrikse and Dawn Hendrikse and friends.

Ostensibly a marriage of two different musical backgrounds, both roads well-traveled and destinations not arrived at easily.

Their material is an intelligent blending of open string acoustic rhythm guitar with reflective melodic vocal harmony.

 As if their sound still fits like comfortable slippers.


Radius Kink challenge themselves to write, compose and perform their eclectic set of music

with thought-provoking lyrics that focus on their stories, feelings, and opinions.

Their acoustic performances sound similar to Will Oldham, Badly Drawn Boy, The Go-Betweens, and Jarvis Cocker.


Radius Kink’s ‘Rock’ live shows are heavier.

More reminiscent of the ‘Old School’, live performances of Patty Smith and Joan Jett with a psychedelic Stoner Rock edge.

The performing members are Gary Hendrikse, Dawn Hendrikse, Tim Busby and Peter van Brucken are all based in Christchurch,

New Zealand.


Rooted in music as far back as the fifties and sixties.

Radius Kink’s Albums; Orange Room, Eulogy and Lobotomy are influenced by a Psychedelic folk sound.

The results are intelligent blendings of open string acoustic rhythm guitar with punchy bass lines and vocal harmonies.

Sometimes moody and lyrically brilliant this leaves the listener with a sense of musical déjà vu.

The musical history of this team spans decades and it just gets stronger and tighter.

The Begining

Gary has been interested in music ever since he heard ‘She Loves You’ by the Beatles in the 60s.

While growing up he was infamous for being an absolute Bowie fanatic, though lately, he is more inclined to be talking about Radiohead’s latest ventures.

The decision to actually play music came late in life. In 2006, Gary and his friends started a weekly jam that soon evolved into a six-piece band called Radius Kink.

Over time this band has distilled to core members.