A Hair of the Beard of the Prophet

Heart to heart, whole heart.
Sick mankind, have a heart.
A heart of gold,
deceit on its tongue.
The heart of your mouth.
Poison on its lips.
Venom in its words.
Mankind is your god,
Heart and mind.
Your heartbreak, your heartbreak,
Will be perfect.
Your illness pulls,
My heartstrings
Life is your debt,
desire gone.
Your heart will sink.
In it’s grave. In it’s grave.
Living on, living on,
in faiths grave.
You have the knowledge.
You share the knowledge.
You take the knowledge.
He will rescue us!
He did rescue us.
He has rescued us!
My moral sickness.
My heart of stone.
I have a hair; I have a hair,
A hair of the prophet.
The prophet’s beard.
A living dog is better off, than a dying lion.
© Radiuskink Music 2014 Words & Music G Hendrikse.