Peculiar Confessions

Excerpt from a review written by Alex Moulton for Muic.net.nz 

‘You won’t find, loud, overly complex riffs, instead subtlety and well-formed pieces and are put forward. Beautifully crafted and intricate. It is full of little additions of sound to create the full effect. You will discover more every time you listen to it’.


Radius Kink ..

describes their album as a disparate collection of songs .

When asked where the ideas come from Gary explains:

“We both come from super dysfunctional families, riddled with scandal and addiction, which was in contrast with our strict religious upbringing,

so we are never short on ideas.”

“We wrote ‘I’ll Change my Name’ ten years ago, it was the first of our collaborations.

Next I wrote ‘Amy and You’, written the week Amy Winehouse died.

I remember feeling very nervous about playing them to others, just in case they were rubbish.”

He recently listened to the original mixes and felt they could do with a spruce up, so here they are in their 2017 glory.


Stain of Sin is their latest collaboration, written for Greg’s father, Macgregor Douglas Snr.

Before he passed away earlier this year from ALS (Motor-Neurone Disease) Greg returned to New Zealand to say goodbye and played this for him, he was very happy to hear it.


Gary wrote ‘Walk The Aisle’ as a wedding song for his friend Nahum; and ‘Nigel’ is about a strange guy he met in Auckland.

He describes the song ‘I’m Lazy’ as being autobiographical and ‘Hair oF The Beard oF The Prophet’ as spiritual.

Gary and Greg agree there is something for everyone on this album.


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Radius Kink  ‘Walk The Aisle’

Radius Kink  ‘Nigel’


Radius Kink  ‘Hair oF The Beard oF The Prophet’