Present Past To Be

You have purchased my life
I have hurt for no cause.
They were silent all those days.
See the wrong that was done to me.
The true are loving sometimes.
but they kill those close , you see.
You can run and I can hide,
And live vicariously.
Should I scrape you off my shoe?
Did you buy a ticket for the ride?
Is there more that you can do,
To make sure everyone is on your side?
Do you live for the now?
Or live in the now?
Do you know how?
I don’t know how.
I can see that you’re confused by everything I say.
But that’s the best that I can do, Its one time at a day.
I.m amazed that you still choose to live your life this way.
You can ride on my shoe but don’t forget to pay.
I go back and forth.
In Life’s Rocking chair
This takes all My energy,
But I still go nowhere.
This just cant go on,
But what more can I do.
Apologise, make amends?
And scrap you of my shoe?

Words and Music G Hendrikse