Radius KinK aKoustiK

Europe Mini Tour

Radius Kink are a New Zealand based band that have a sound centered on the 60s and 70s.

It’s great to have two of thier members touring Europe.

The father and daughter team, Dawn and Gary, are taking a break form their holiday to play a few special shows in The Netherlands.

‘We are visiting some old friends and playing a couple of gigs while we are there’ Gary said.

‘One at Kopi Susu and a second at the Emma Centrum in Utrecht’.

‘We have rearranged our songs for an acoustic performance’, Dawn, the lead singer said.

‘Actually I prefer it as it is more intimate’, she said

Formed in 2006 the band has expanded and shrunk to different sizes, from a 6 piece to a duo and back to a five piece.
Radius Kink challenge themselves to write, and focus on thought provoking lyrics that tell their stories, feelings and opinions.
Their music has been compared to Jarvis Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, even Early Split Enz and New Zealand’s own Dunedin sound of the 80s.

Check out their events page http://radiuskink.com/gigs/ for details.

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