Radius Kink are…

Gary Hendrikse, Dawn Hendrikse, Gordon Goodinson, Neville Weavers and Jack Cameron.

Radius Kink are based in Christchurch New Zealand. They challenge themselves to write, compose and perform their eclectic set of music

with thought-provoking lyrics that focus on their stories, feelings, and opinions.

Gary and Dawn are a father and daughter team. Gordon is their neighbour and they all have a ten-year ‘on again off again’  history of making music together.

Their live performances have a sound similar to Fleetwood Mac with a focus on harmonies and melody.


Rooted in music from the 70s but with their own sonic stamp.

The results are blendings of guitar riffs with punchy bass lines and vocal harmonies.


Sometimes moody but lyrically interesting. leaving the listener with a sense of musical déjà vu.

email info@radiuskink.com